Expo 2016 Antalya

What is Expo?

Expo, an abbreviation for ‘’Exposition’’ also known as world’s fair is an organisation held since the mid-19th century. Turkish equivalent is ‘’Sergi’’.

It’s the largest cultural, historical and educational olympics of the World. Being one of the oldest and the largest international events of the World, Expo, in other words is a Word Exhibition. Being organized for the first time in England in 1851,  Expo is continuing to contribute to cultural, scientific and technologic developments today. 55 international Exhibitions have been held until now.

Expo’s contributions

For over 100 years, Expos have placed education of global citizens and national progress at the forefront of their mission.

First af all used as a means of promoting national identity, industrial progress and discerning consumers, Expos have today become a unique platform for international dialogue, for public diplomacy and for international cooperation.

The uniqueness of Expos is based on three pillar:

-their universal scope

-their international scale

-their lasting cultural legacy

The most popular meeting place: Expos are events that attract an unequalled number of visitors.

In the 21st century alone, the interest in worls Expos has continued, as reflected by the consistently high numbers of visitors attending the event in the si months of its duration:

Hanover 2000 (19 million), Aichi 2005 (22 million), Shanghai 2010 (73 million). Even the smaller scale Expos such as Yeosu 2012 has welcomed over 8 million visitors during a three-month period.

Expos have always been regarded as privileged platforms to promote principles, frameworks and products of the modern economies, because of their strong focus on innovation and cooperation.

Expo Site and Activities

EXPO 2016 Antalya will be held on a 112-hectares area within the boundaries of Aksu Municipality between 23 April and 30 October 2016. The Site will also be open to the public after the event.

The Site will maintain its attraction after the EXPO with the infrastructure, transportation and accommodation investments to be made. There will be EXPO Hill, EXPO Forest, EXPO Tower and Expo Lake in the Expo site. Play parks and playgrounds will be constructed for the children to have a good time. There will also be restaurants, shopping Centre, agriculture museum, congress Centre as well as an amphitheatre.

Qatar Tourism Agency opens office in Istanbul to boost tourism ties


Qatar Tourism Agency opens office in Istanbul to boost tourism ties

A total of 5,852 Turks visited Qatar in 2015, according to the press release. “As the QTA, we are working to make our tourism sector more sustainable and attract more tourists to our country,” he added. Al Qurese also noted that the foreign arrivals to Qatar had risen 91 percent since 2009, with a yearly increase of around 13.8 percent.

The agency planned to promote Qatar as a leading tourism destination among potential tourists, tour operators, tour agencies and accommodation sector players, according to the press release. “Our visitors from Turkey can easily take a visa as soon as they arrive in Qatar. There are more than 50 direct flights between Istanbul and Doha. For that reason, the Turkish market has huge growth potential for us,” said QTA Marketing and Promotional Board President Rashed Al Qurese. The agency has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Singapore, New York and Riyadh in addition to the Istanbul office, according to the release.

The Qatar Tourism Agency (QTA) has opened a new representative office in Istanbul in a bid to boost bilateral tourism ties, the agency said in a press release on Aug. 8, adding that this showed the Turkish market’s high priority in the agency’s international network.  




Turkey and Russia agree to cement ties


Turkey and Russia agree to cement ties

Turkey and Russia have reached a clear consensus on normalizing ties, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin said in a press conference following a meeting between the two.
Putin said that the two discussed the expansion of economic ties between the two countries.
”The return of our tourists to Turkey is on our agenda,” Putin said, adding that the two countries were working to restore charter flights from Russia to Turkey.
Erdogan said steps will be taken in ”joint investment issues” and other economic ties, adding that a gas project with Russia will be made a reality soon.
It was the first meeting between Putin and Erdogan since Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet last November, sparking a deep diplomatic crisis.
Erdogan’s visit to Putin’s hometown of St Petersburg on Tuesday was also his first foreign trip since a failed coup attempt last month that sparked a purge of alleged coup supporters in the military, judiciary, civil service and education sector, and cast a shadow over Turkey’s relations with the West.

Ownership in Turkey


Always this question is asked, can I as a foreigner owns a property or more in turkey?

Yes, you can, in accordance with article (35) of the constitution in right to property specialist, Foreigner can buy real estate and land in Turkey with an area not exceeding 30 hectares max, But it can acquires more space up to double or triple the condition that during the two-year project to provide on its impact which he bought this land.

Foreigner cannot buy real estate in military and security areas, you can buy real estate with a maximum of 10% of the total land city or town.

(There is a condition related to own property in Turkey, must obtain security approval by the Turkish Armed ForcesKnowing this requirement applies only to the purchase of the nearby areas of military real estate, it takes around one month only).


Arab Countries that are entitled to Real Estate acquisitions in Turkey:

It was canceled Treatment Act similarly, and became there a right for all to own certain criteria. After the issuance of amendments to the laws of foreign ownership in the Turkish Republic, it became nationals of all Arab Countries can own property directly within the Turkish Republic except Syria.This requires access to routine Military approval up for 45 days, In the event of such consent can own property directly within days.


Do i need a lawyer when buying a property in Turkey:

Most people are victims of a scam by dealing in property in Turkey, but you can avoid this thing simply to avoid financial losses through the appointment and the use of a lawyer, using well-known lawyer will not only save you time and shorten the process of buying your home only! But it helps you avoid many of the obstacles faced by the buyer.


The power of attorney in Turkey:

If you want to complete the process of buying your property in Turkey and you are in your own Country, It is essential that you make a formal power of attorney to the lawyer you are dealing with.


Mortgage in Turkey:
If you have a history of good fiduciary and a good source of income, the financial assistance to buy a property in Turkey are available.

Deposit a minimum of 30% and match it with your standards,then be eligible to get financing from a major European financial institutions.


Having Bank Account:

Must go to the government tax department with the required passport and get a tax number,your tax number who got it to be submitted to the Turkish bank account to be opened by.


Financial DEPOSIT:

When the buyer and the seller of the property deal, the buyer is going to pay 10% of the agreed value of the property as a deposit to rid the sales process.


Income tax on the Turkish Real Estate:

If you buy a property in Turkey, you will need to know the income tax items in Turkey, and how they apply to you a foreign buyer.
If you are setting up a business in Turkey or are planning to profit by renting your property, it is essential that you have some information to the tax law.

What if I want to sell the property in Turkey?
In case you are willing to sell the property, which the seller must pay the value of 35-15 % of the value of the gain on the purchase and resale value in a period not exceeding five years of ownership,
With the exception of the value of 8,000 Turkish Liras of the value of total profit (In other words, if the value of the profit did not exceed this figure, it is not the seller must pay any tax value).


Registration of ownership of the property taxes and transfer fees in Turkey:

Translation and validation of passport buyer to Turkish language.

Obtain ownership of the property support to the name of the new owner.

Tax owns a property in the Turkish Republic is 3.9% of the total value of the property.

-Call a sworn translator (English-Turkish) and is registered with the association of translators in Turkey.

Apply for the transfer of ownership of the property (Pay to the Office of the maps in the land department and cadastre).

Annual municipal fee of 0.03% of the property value,
Pay at the Municipal Palace of the city every year from May,
In return for the Near linked to the organization of municipal services.


Note: Tax owns a property in Turkey pay a one-time only upon receipt of only guaranteed ownership of the property.


(For more information please contact us or visit) +90 242 528 5050




EMR Real Estate make sure to give you a perfect service before and after buying a property, to make your stay in Turkey as pleasant as possible, to enjoy and to have a good time with your family and friends:


-Airport Transfer.

-Insurance proposals for building and household.

-Care & Control of your real estate during your absence.

-Help with the Settlement for your TAPU.

-Opening a Bank Accounts.

-Translating documents in your language.

-Help with the purchase of your furniture.

-Application of the Turkish tax number.

-Rental assistance.

-Booking of flights to/from Antalya or Alanya.

-Hotel reservation for your guests.

-pool service (cleaning and maintenance for the whole season).



Our motto of Honesty, Sincerity and Certainty.

 Our vision in the EMR Real Estate is to become First option for all properties in Turkey in all areas that we serve. It has always been committed to be a responsible behavior pirde in providing the highest quality for our clients we serve. And we also offer high quality real estate property at a good price that can be paid easily. We want to give you an exciting journey of lifestyle has not dreamed of before.  We always constantly seek to improve our services.

To be the agent of choice for anyone considering buying, selling or renting a property in Turkey.

Providing an outstanding level of service to our clients.

Making sure each property transaction a pleasureable experience.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We have to be the agent of choice.

50% of our business will come from recommendations and referrals by delivering exceptional service.

About Turkey

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, which established a democratic regime with the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. The Bosporus and the Dardanelles, connecting the seas of this magnificent landscape surrounded by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara seas, function as bridges connecting the lands of the region almost like silk threads.

Greece and Bulgaria to the west, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the east and Iran, Iraq, and Syria to the south are the border neighbors of Turkey. The member of various international organizations such as the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and the Organization of the Islamic Conference our country continuous to evolve and grow at rapid speed.

Proud to possess numerous riches in every corner and territory of the country from east to west and north to south, Turkey is blessed also with a wide range of climatic diversity. One may encounter different climate zones in different areas of Turkey which is comprised of seven geographical regions and experience various climates in one day!

Turkey is much the same as an open air museum thanks to its magnificent heritage comprised of historical and cultural monuments and sites built everywhere in Anatolia since the ancient times. With the establishment Çatalhöyük, the first proto-city settlement of the Neolithic Age, history began to leave its marks discernible today even in the tiniest structures.

Located at the mid-point of the European, Asian and African continents, Turkey has a varied geography rich in mountains, plains, caves, seas and many other natural formations and beauties. All types of sports activities and more specifically outdoor sports can be done amidst a breathtaking nature providing both for adrenaline and entertainment.

The hub of all religions that have been lost in time or still exist, Anatolia is particularly rich in monuments and heritages bearing traces of diverse religious cultures. According to Christianity, for instance, pilgrims travelling the route of the seven holy churches including Ephesus, Izmir, Bergama, Salihli, Alasehir, Denizli and Akhisar are considered to have fulfilled their duty of pilgrimage. Furthermore, many branches of art that originated in the Anatolian lands and were introduced to the world are still kept alive and continue to be developed in the present day.

One of the most precious and diverse treasures of Turkey is, of course, the Turkish cuisine. The variety offered by this magnificent heritage of flavors which evolved over the centuries with the blending of the culinary cultures of many communities and civilizations is limitless.  Thousands of unique delicacies and specialties ranging from meat dishes to cold dishes with olive oil, from sorbets to spices are waiting to be served to guests from all over the world.

Entertaining and lively folk dances and songs, which originated from the combination of the local culture with music and dance, provide for unique local entertainment in every province you visit. Thanks to its geographical position located at the meeting point of three continents, Turkey is able to offer fast and convenient transportation with more than 200 direct flights to various destinations in the world and connecting flights to all other destinations around the globe. It is also possible to explore different corners of Turkey by entering the country via highway through neighboring countries located in Asia and Europe.

Worldwide famous cruise ships visit the major ports of Turkey on their route. Passengers of these cruise ships have the opportunity to visit and explore the port and city centre of Istanbul, Izmir and Kusadasi. Ferries between Northern Cyprus and Mersin and between Bodrum, Marmaris and the Greek islands provide for other alternatives to get to Turkey from other lands. Turkey, well known particularly for its hospitality and friendliness, welcomes its visitors any time of the year offering a spectacular countryside and unique monuments all over the land! You may already enjoy your vacation in Turkey!

EMR Real Estate


We are always proud to grant priority to the interests of the client.

Welcome to EMR Real Estate.

We will not talk too much about our company, like other companies. The success of our company is based on three principles, are:

Get the customers trust and respect and commitment to transparency and clarity.

Follow the advanced management methods, and reliance on the latest modern techniques.

Perceptive advance to the needs of current and future customer, and work on provided according to international standards.

Our message:

Contribute to community service by raising the proportion of home ownership,by securing privileged dwelling Enjoys customer satisfaction,and through the work of a vast experience in the market team.

Our goal:

Securing the largest number of housing opportunities through the provision of housing units with high specifications and designs unique and favorable prices.

Excellence in execution and the level of sophistication of the profession in the real estate market.

The provision of real estate investment opportunities, meaningful and well thought out.


Investment in Turkey

Property next to the Mediterranean sea in Turkey, It’s now the most sought in the Northern Hemisphere, buy a House in Turkey is easier than ever.

Why do people invest in Real Estate in Turkey?

There is 10 important reasons about why do people invest in Real Estate in Turkey, Because:

-Successful economy.

-Qualified workforce and characterized by competition.


-Station and also corridor fort to transfer energy to Europe.

-Customs Union with the EU since 1996.


-Freed investment climate and subject to reforms.

-The central location.

-Incentives and low taxes.

-Local huge market.

Akar Residence

Do you want to own in Alanya? Do you want to own in town of Mahmutlar in Alanya?

EMR Real Estate After 11 years of huge succesful and high quality service and being the agent of choice for anyone considering buying, selling or renting a property in Turkey, Now we have AKAR RESiDENCE our own Project.

AKAR RESiDENCE construction has started on 1st of October in the town of Mahmutlar in Alanya City.

The complex contains 1 block, 36 apartments and 4 dublex, a wonderful garden, large outdoor swimming pool and pool bar where you can have refreshments and snacks. also there is wireless internet connection and European televation channels. ( For more informations and details please visit www.akarresidence.com )