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Arab tourists do not need to be the reasons for urging him to choose this destination title for the trip, so that the city is one of the most tourist sites attractive to the Arabs, perhaps because what unites the Turkish people more than what divides us, and therefore what we know about Istanbul General Information exceeds our knowledge of other global cities, but it must have filled with secrets and erotic stories that many people do not know.

Istanbul one city in two continents: Asia and Europe
Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey
Located on seven hills inspired by the city of Rome
During the Ottoman rule was in Istanbul 1400 a public toilet in Europe 0
Population 13.9 million 0.99% Muslim
Tulip, the national symbol of the Netherlands came from Turkey

Interest of Arab tourists to buy properties in the district, “Iyomra” Turkish

Just eliminate 17 kilometers from the center of the state 0.7 kilometers from the nearest airport, and a population of 35 thousand people, where the judiciary receives a large number of Arab tourists who prefer to stay in hotels.

9 Amazing facts about turkey

-Most Turks do not have a family name until 1934.
-Istanbul is the second oldest underground railway train in the world has started to work in 1875.
-Black Sea coast in Turkey extends for a distance of 1650 kilometers is equivalent to the distance between Berlin and Paris.
-Despite the existence of beauty in Turkey In Turkey we do not have a desert, not an original home of beauty.
-Istanbul is the only town in the world that lies on two continents and is 3% of Turkey in Europe.
-Flowers have been exported to Europe by the Turks in the sixteenth century.

Port for ships and luxury yachts in Antalya

Antalya Municipality announced that work is under way on the land and maritime studies for construction of a port for ships and luxury yachts in the city.
Which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey and in the world.
And port project that aims to improve the site Antalya in global tourism, making it one of the most important marine tourism stations in the world, in the city is one of natural beauty and historical centers
Municipal and indicated in its statement that the draft of ships and the yacht harbor is one of the fictional projects that seek the governor of .

Weather in Alanya

Most of the rain falls in Alanya during the winter, and summer term long, hot, and dry. But its proximity to the seaside Taurus Mountains, it is likely to see the morning fog. Amazing and enjoy seeing dazzling rainbow arches with the backdrop of the mountains during the week, and more than surprising scene and splendor of snow accumulated on the edges of the mountains even in hot summer days

Turkey facilitate procedures for the entry of Iraqi visa and are priced at 30 dollars

Turkish Airlines said on Saturday that Ankara’s new measures have been taken to facilitate the granting of visas for Iraqis to void it tougher measures.
The director of the Turkish Airlines office in Iraq Khairuddin Mohammad as provided by the National Iraqi News Agency that the decision of the Turkish judge facilitating visas Iraqis will be applied as early as next week.
He explained that the procedures for obtaining a visa will be through the Turkish Airlines offices in Iraq and the price does not exceed $ 30 per person, stressing cancel all the previous actions of the insurance funds in the bank for the purpose of travel.
Muhammad He pointed out that Turkey agreed with the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in this regard to the development of relations between the two countries in all fields, particularly the tourism side.
The year 2015 may record entry of a million immigrants and travelers to the EU by sea via Turkey, prompting Europe to strike a deal with Ankara to curb illegal immigration, which in turn, tightened access to Turkish territory measures.