EMR Real Estate

CEO, Emrah Yeşilkaya; Head of Real Estate in ALTSO Chamber of Commerce

In each city you will see different challenges and will see different organizations supervising the sales process in real estate industry. These rules and regulation in each city comes form the Chamber of Commerce in that City which is ALTSO in Alanya.

The new impressive thing about EMR is that our CEO, Emrah Yeşilkaya is now head of Real Estate Department in ALTSO (Alanya Chamber of Commerce). This is a great news to all of us working in EMR, agents who work with EMR and our clients. It proves how trustworthy we have been in past 14 years since 2005 and how great we have served our clients since then.

At EMR, we all congratulate our CEO, Emrah Yeşilkaya on his new community position and we are excited to give this great news to our clients too.