When to Invest in Turkish Real Estate

You might be wondering to yourself: when is the best time to invest in Turkey real estate? The answer is NOW. While to the locals of Turkey, the real estate market is incredibly unattractive considering how far down house prices are plunging and how the currency value is taking a nosedive as well.

However, to foreigners, Turkey has never looked more attractive and if you’re looking to purchase a house for the summer, your retirement, or are looking to make a permanent move, there is no better time to move to Turkey.

The reason for this is inflation. While some places like Istanbul saw house prices raise by 6.3%, the reality of it when the prices were adjusted according to inflation, the house prices actually took a severe nosedive by 12.6% instead. Ankara and Izmir, two other popular destinations saw their inflation-adjusted prices drop by 10.5% and 7.6% respectively.

Worried about citizenship? Not to worry, Turkey has you covered. You see, foriegn homebuyers are rewarded for their kindness to Turkish citizens, meaning that if your home country where you currently hold citizenship allows Turkish citizens to own property, then you’re allowed to in Turkey as well.

So what are you waiting for? There are so many places in Turkey for you to live and explore. If you’re especially interested in the Alanya area, contact EMR. We’ll find you your perfect place to call home.

Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey

Once every year, a great bicycle race is held known as the Tour of Turkey. People from all over the world from different countries, cities, and towns gather in a Turkish city to participate in this grand event, making it one of the largest multicultural events in the world.

There is a specific route that the bikers have to take, so anyone thinking of cheating and trying to go off the mapped route for a short-cut will not be able to do so. This race requires a lot of stamina so although it will be difficult for the bikers to pass anyone at the beginning of the race, as bikers begin to get tired, stronger competitors will be able to pull ahead.

But this is not just some 10km or even 25km race. The race in particular that is held this year is around 996km.

However, the race is not a straight shot to Istanbul and whoever reaches Istanbul first is declared the winner. Instead, the winner of the race is the person who scores the most points in each of the 6 stages of the race. Bikers will do five laps in Istanbul and then settle down in a hotel for the night before moving on to the next major city along the way and completing the same task, all the way to the last city where the 6th stage will be held. You can now see why this is such a gruelling race and why only the strongest bikers are recommended to compete in such an event. 

If you think you have what it takes to compete in the Tour of Turkey, train hard and find a team in your area.

Top 4 Clubs in Alanya

Sure, there are plenty of things to do around Alanya in the daytime, but what about the nightlife? Where are the best places to do? Well, if clubs and dancing are your go-to activities if you’re looking for a good time, then be sure to check out these 4 highly rated and reviewed dance clubs.

Summer Garden

Never seen a shark before? Well, you’re in luck because there’s one at the entrance to this club! This open-air club is perfect for cooling off during those hot summer days and sipping a well-priced drink. If you’re not in the mood for dancing, there’s spots available where you can sit and socialize and order food. Although this is one of Alanya’s more pricier clubs, it’s one that shouldn’t be missed.

Black Horse

If you want a good variety of music, Black Horse is the place to go. Black Horse will play every request that you could possibly have, while still playing traditional club music in between. The establishment doubles as a bar and restaurant as well, meaning you can have a tasty meal for dinner and then stay well into the night for drinks and dancing.

Havana Club

This club has been hailed by locals and tourists alike as their favorite club in Alanya and one that should not be missed for any party people coming to visit. The only downside that people have to say about it? The club closes its doors around 3am, whereas much of its visitors would want to dance until dawn. Yep, it’s that good.

Carisma Bar

Known for its superb staff who aim to please and clearly love their job, Carisma Bar is the place to go for good vibes, great cocktails, and amazing music. 

Top 5 Places to Eat in Alanya

When travelling anywhere international, the first thing people want to do is sample the local cuisine and eat anything that they wouldn’t normally find back in their hometown. To help tourists and locals alike, here are our top 5 favorite restaurants and eateries in Alanya.

PARK ORMAN: Nestled in the mountains of Alanya, the trip up to Park Orman is just as beautiful as the food. Park Orman is the top restaurant to visit in the summer if you’re looking to escape the heat as it is literally located in the middle of the forest. The rustic restaurant features turkish delicacies such as kebabs, but the real treat is their Village Breakfast Buffet. Stocked to the brim with organic foods, you’re sure to leave full, satisfied, and wanting to come back again and again.


TAVUK DUNYASI: Chicken, salad, and pasta all on one plate? While it may sound like a strange combination to foreigners, every person who gives it a try will tell you that these three items together make your taste buds sing in harmony at how well they blend together. With fantastic prices, large portions, and a family friendly environment, there’s nothing to dislike about Tavuk Dunyasi.


EV RESTAURANT: Popular among locals and tourists alike, EV Restaurant is not to be missed. The restaurant boasts a stunning variety of foods from turkish delicacies to familiar comfort items like pizza, pasta, and salad. Be sure to leave enough room for dessert and cocktails as people from everywhere rave about the sweets that are served here.

(EV Restaurant does not currently have a website, but a quick search for them on Facebook will direct you to many pictures of their delicacies.)

KEYF-I ALA: If you want a restaurant with a view, Keyf-i Ala is the restaurant for you. Featuring sweeping views of Alanya and the Meditteranean coastline, enjoy turkish and meditterannean delicacies in a space that also hosts weddings! Yes, the food is that good that people choose to get married here. Don’t leave Alanya without coming here for a sunset feast.

(Keyf-i Ala does not currently have a website, but a Google search will showcase it’s beautiful view and mouth watering food.)

BISTRO BAHAMA: There’s a reason why this Turkish and Italian restaurant has 941 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor. Most of the reviews will rave about the steak which is definitely a must-have at least once when you come to visit Bistro Bahama. Come here on a clear afternoon or evening as the majority of the seating is outside on the streets of Alanya, giving you delightful views and scenery as well as a hot, quality meal.

(Bistro Bahama also does not currently have a website, but their Facebook page and Google page features many of the sights and food available.)