Apartments For Sale In Mahmutlar

Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, has become the focus of many foreign people with its sea, sun, nature, historical artifacts and many other beautiful things. Many people come to Alanya for a holiday and then start their research for sale property in Mahmutlar region, which is open to development about real estate.

Many people search in the internet search engines to buy a property in Alanya region, searches such as “Apartments for sale in Mahmutlar” and so on. As EMR Properties, we provide you with much more detailed information about buying or selling real estate. We also support you after purchasing, in terms of electricity, water, certificate of occupancy and similar issues that need to be done after purchasing.

So, why should I buy an apartment in Alanya Mahmutlar?

You have more than one reason for this. We list them for you in the section below.

Banks, pharmacies, schools, public markets, Migros, Bim, Şok, A101, shops, playgrounds, walking areas, walking distance to the sea, magnificent mountain and sea views and many other beauties are in Mahmutlar.

Thanks to its proximity to the city center of Alanya, you can reach the fun nightlife of Alanya, its historical and other places worth seeing at any time, and you are not affected by the crowd of the city with the calm structure of Mahmutlar neighborhood.

In Mahmutlar, you can enjoy swimming in the magnificent Mediterranean during the day and sunbathing on the golden sandy beach, in the evening, you can spend time with your loved ones in welcoming cafes, restaurants, and similar places, and enjoy the colorful Mediterranean evenings in world-famous discos and other entertainment venues.

Especially in the complexes that have been built with a more modern and luxurious architectural approach in recent years, there are many interior and exterior facilities for your peace and comfort. And again, Alanya Mahmutlar has luxuriously furnished properties for you to live a peaceful, comfortable life.

When you are not here, these apartments are guaranteed high rental income. And if you wish, you can sell it profitably thanks to its profitably rising value every year. Apartments for sale in Mahmutlar are a logical investment tool in every respect.

Mortgage loan in Turkey

I am a foreigner and I do not have Turkish citizenship. Can I get a mortgage?

There is no obstacle or a Turkish law that prohibits foreigners in obtaining mortgages and property in Turkey.

Some conditions to keep in mind are:

* The interest of the mortgage loan ratio depends on the mortgage loan and the amount and kind.

* According to real estate expert ‘s report be given a rate of 70 % on most of the property value of a real estate loan and that the report of the real estate expert who will submit it to the concerned bank or the concerned authority to approve the granting of this loan .

* A document highlighting the person foreign hand involved income.

* The person’s age and income value of the person submitting the request to play a role in the value of the highest level of loan application .

* The installment period of three months at a minimum to a maximum of 120 months ( mean up to 10 years).

* Not required to obtain the loan and only the Turkish lira but you can get it to the US dollar or the euro.

* Of course, doing a lender guarantees in anticipation of the cases of accidents and death , or the like.

* For the readiness of the building should not be less than the proportion of readiness than 80% until the loan approval.

* Duration of delivery of title deed is a maximum of three months.

The documents that a foreign people must prepare for the mortgage application are:

Tax identification number,


Residence permit,

Tax Document replacing the Income Certificate or 3-month bank account statement,

Credit registration office registration from the person’s own country,

A copy of the residence of the person in his / her country,

Appraisal report to be determined by the appraisal companies and to be approved by the bank.

* Areas that are militarily banned or have security zones are excluded.