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EMR Properties is a competitive real estate consultation company which based in Turkey since 2005. Recently a new study had been conducted and it has revealed that 25 most advantageous real estate investment markets for all across the world. Turkey has located 9th place, among the other countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece because of its affordable prices, growth projections and stable tourism market. After reciprocity law launched in 2013, foreign residential sales increased in a manner of speaking like avalanche in Turkey. It has contributed to the real estate sector in a good way. And also Turkey is really beautiful to live.

Why Choose Us In The Real Estate Market in Turkey?

As EMR Properties we conduct real estate business in Turkey. If you want a Property in Turkey we are a real estate agency. Turkey is the one of the best countries which is developing very fast. Because of it's geographical location having a Property in Istanbul can be very tempting. Also it has became as one of coastal country to the fore as one of the leading markets along the Mediterranean coastline so having a real estate in Turkey is the best option. In Turkey, foreign sales income has surpassed around 6 billion dollars due to the reciprocity law. The number of sales residential properties for foreigners is more than 45 thousand houses in 2019.

Besides it's economic opportunities Turkey has also very well and diversifying climate all around the country. I you have Property in Alanya which is the town of Antalya. Antalya is the almost most attractive city in Turkey. It has a very long coastal line and also it's nature is very beautiful. Besides Alanya you may have Property in Antalya by having it, you have the most elegance properties in the world. Because Antalya is considered one of the best summer vacation or holiday places to have.

How Does Our Company Finding Affordable Properties For Sale in Turkey?

Since 2005 we have a experience on real estate business. So as EMR Properties we conduct a lot of business and sold a lot of properties to people who came from foreign. So you can find most competitive price with such this experience. We have a very good costumer satisfaction. You can contact with us if you have any questions.

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