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Apartments for sale in an ultra luxurious residence project that rises right in heart of Istanbul
Apartments for sale in an ultra luxurious residence project that rises right in heart of Istanbul from 299.000 €

Ultra luxury project apartments for sale in Şişli, Istanbul. Easy access to everywhere and best Bosphorus views apartments for sale in Istanbul..

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  • Center
  • 72 - 172 sqm
  • 1 - 2 - 3
  • 1 - 2
  • 3 km
  • 35 min

Apartments for sale in Istanbul

As a bridge between the continents Asia and Europe, apartments for sale in Istanbul are quite popular for both the investors and people looking to live in Turkey. İstanbul provides anything that you, the customer could want; a bustling urban scene, a historical old town, accessibility to other countries in the world, and lush natural areas right outside of the city such as Sile or Riva.

Also, since İstanbul acts as a transport hub between Europe and Asia, the popularity of the city will only increase even further. It is a unique city that has an unprecedented real estate possibility.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul provide more than a living area. It gives you a permanent place to experience the beauty of living in one of the most different cities in Turkey and the world. You can visit old Ottoman museums, enjoy a night out in one of the clubs or bars, and go to a match of well-known Turkish football teams such as Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, or Besiktas that are all based in Istanbul. Also, it is impossible to forget about Bosphorus, the stream of water that divides Asia from Europe. Houses for sale in Istanbul can have a view of the Bosphorus directly, or it is possible to just go the coast and enjoy the nice weather next to Bosphorus.

Where to Buy Apartment in Istanbul

As a metropolitan with a population close to twenty million, a lot of districts have available apartments for sale in Istanbul - both the city center and newly developed districts have available places for you to invest. The place to choose depends on what kind of amenities you desire with the apartment that you purchase. Overall, the first thing that you, as the customer, need to choose is where to buy apartment in Istanbul.

Buy Apartment in Istanbul

Due to the rapid growth in the city to accumulate for the ever-growing population, the commute between the city center and newly developed hubs can be scary for the people that don't know Istanbul yet. However, with the opportunity to take the metro and various other public transportation options such as Metrobus, the time is lowered significantly. Also, there are always private vehicles, but you might need to remember about world-famous traffic in Istanbul. Using the traffic as a reason, most of the real estate developments that are outside of the city have their own entertainment systems such as a mall or a communal pool.

One of the most popular districts to get an apartment in the city center is Levent. Levent is famous for its sky-rise residences that have a clear view of the Bosphorus, as well as many varied entertainment options in the district. It is central, it is popular and it is inherently urban. The only thing to consider about Levent is the budget that you have as the customer, most of the new developments in Levent cater to an audience that looks for luxury in their living spaces.

It is also worth mentioning that the Turkish government grants citizenship by investment. If you make an investment that is a minimum of $250.000, whether as a single purchase or multiple purchases, you will gain the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship that both you, your spouse, and your kids that are minors can benefit from. This opportunity can ease your experience in entering the country and residing in your property for an endless amount of time. Still keeping its status as a beautiful and accessible country, investing in Turkish properties will provide you financial and mental gain in the future - and Istanbul might be the best place to live in with its diversity.

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul has various districts to get luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, such as Nisantasi, Levent, or Bebek. These apartments usually consist of a pool, a private parking spot, SMART home technology, and a mall in its premises and start from $100.000 minimum. The districts differ from being central or on the outskirts of Istanbul, but for amenities, they share these same features. Whether as a safe and fun environment for a family or an investment possibility, these apartments provide lots of advantages to customers such as yourself.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul

However, one can only decide to purchase one of the villas for sale in Istanbul. These villas are generally located in the outside suburbs of Istanbul, of course still protecting its value for entertainment and fun. One of the most popular districts for villas is Beylikduzu district of Istanbul that is located next to Buyukcekmece lake. Beylikduzu is really popular for its modern real estate developments and various options for shopping, food, and fun. Considering that Beylikduzu is a coastal district, it is also possible to use the sea facilities that come with it - such as the popular and well-known marina in Beylikduzu.

Cheap Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Although luxury apartments provide a lot of amenities on-site, some might not have the budget for them. In this case, there are also options for customers that have a tighter budget on their investments. Some of these apartments are also in the closed communities that are mentioned above, but smaller in size - or they can be individual apartments for sale in Istanbul. No matter where they are located, these apartments also bring you the enjoyment of living in a beautiful city such as Istanbul.

Property for sale in Istanbul

A system that allows for customers to purchase a property for sale in Istanbul is the chance to buy the property in installments. These installments can continue for several years, and allow for the customer to pay the price more confidently. As a prime choice for investments in real estate, it is easily achievable to live in Istanbul by getting a cheap property or buying a property in installments. As a city full of history and excitement, people all over the world are moving to Istanbul in rapid amounts and growing its community by the culture and ideas that they bring. As the customer, the doors of Istanbul is open for you to enjoy and benefit from fully and completely.