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2 bedroom apartment for sale in a brand new residential complex in Konyaalti Antalya
2 bedroom apartment for sale in a brand new residential complex in Konyaalti Antalya 65.000 €

As part of the newly completed new residential complex, this 2 bedroom apartment is in Antalya Konyaalti Sarısu region and is for sale at a very advantageous pr..

Ref Nr: 654
  • Center
  • 72 sqm
  • 2
  • 2
Payment plan apartments for sale in Konyaalti Antalya
Payment plan apartments for sale in Konyaalti Antalya 110.000 €

These apartments under construction are for sale with a payment plan in a beautiful and quiet area in Konyaaltı, Antalya...

Ref Nr: 517
  • Center
  • 130 sqm
  • 2
  • 2

Apartments for sale in Konyaalti

Apartments for sale in Konyaalti are very affordable and with quality. Konyaalti beach is the second most popular area of Antalya, the most popular one is the Lara beach area and demanded highly. Apartments are more affordable compared to villas and penthouses, still have many facilities.

Houses for sale in Konyaalti are considered to be a highly profitable investment. Antalya government invested in millions to upgrade the infrastructure and social facilities, such as parks, gardens, walking trails, in Konyaalti. Also, another reason for Konyaalti to become so popular is that it is very close to Antalya airport, making it easy to live for international buyers.

Apartments for sale in Konyaalti especially demanded because of the affordable prices compared to Antalya center house prices. Konyaalti Beach is located at the end of the Antalya city. Hence, there is a great advantage of Konyaalti, the water of Konyaalti is cooler compared to other beaches because of an underground creek flowing to the sea. This provides a more relaxed feeling when people want to enjoy the sea.

Where to Buy Apartment in Konyaalti?

Apartments for sale in Konyaalti are a great option for those who want to close to central areas with lower budgets. Antalya region is the most profitable investment area you can choose and Konyaalti is a popular area of Antalya. There is always a demand for accommodation for Antalya, Konyaalti thanks to the warm climate of this region. 300 days of a year go with sunny, Konyaalti region always hosts tourists even in winter seasons. Properties in Antalya, Konyaalti yield 8% of income yearly, and the real estate prices go higher each following year. It can be stated that property prices are doubled in the last five years. Antalya region has a diverse community including from the countries of the UK, Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Germany making Antalya a welcoming community for new foreign tourists.

Buy Apartment in Konyaalti

Buying an apartment in Konyaalti requires a budget of between 60.000 euros to 200.000 euros. The prices depend on several factors. One of the most important factors is the location of the house. Especially, the apartments near the coastline are more expensive. Another factor is the size of the house. As the room number and space increases, the prices increase. Some of the sites have a shared swimming pool, which can be a factor of demand. New buildings are more expensive since there is no need for a renovation or other repairs. The newly built apartments are close to the shoreline and very close to the center. The presence of a site security is a positive factor. Many of the houses in Konyaalti have beautiful sea views, which is also a factor increasing the prices. Either with a view of the Taurus Mountains or the beach, Konyaalti properties are great options.

Depending on your budget, you can find the most suitable apartment, considering the factors that affect the prices. You can either decide your potential property during your holiday, or you can look online. You can visit our website Having a property in Konyaalti, where Antalya's second most popular beach area, is a profitable investment and it will provide a steady income. You can rent your property to tourists and local people of Turkey throughout the year as warm climate of Antalya region enables visitors to come even in winter seasons. As Konyaalti is close to the international airport, it is an additional benefit for renting your house. Many of the Turkish people already bought a property in Konyaalti and live there permanently. Also, foreign buyers demand the Konyaalti properties highly to use it as a summer holiday and rent it during the other times of the year.

Luxury Apartments for sale in Konyaalti

Villas for sale in Konyaalti cost about 100.000 euros to 300.000 euros depending on how luxury the villa is, the room number of the villa, the location of the villa, and sea or mountain views. As the houses become bigger in size and come with sea views, the prices go higher. Also, the presence of a private pool or private garden are the factors affecting the price as one of the most important reasons for choosing a villa is the privacy factor.

Apartments for sale in Konyaalti

Apartments for sale in Konyaalti are more affordable compared to luxury villas and penthouses. If you are on a budget, and you wish to have a holiday house to come regularly, relax and have a stress-free holiday, Konyaalti is a great place. You can both enjoy the Konyaalti during your holiday, also you can rent your property during winter times and provide a steady income. Konyaalti is a cheaper area compared to other areas, making the place charming to buy a property. In addition, you can do many activities such as trekking or mountain-biking in the nearby Taurus Mountains, rafting down the River Manavgat in the stunning Koprulu Canyon National Park.

Cheap Apartments for sale in Konyaalti

Apartments for sale in Konyaalti are lower in price compared to luxurious properties. If you wish to spend a low budget, you may need to sacrifice from some features. The apartment may be located far from the central areas or the beach. The house may be smaller in size. There might not be a shared swimming pool. Or the house may not come with a sea or mountain view. Considering your needs and wishes, you can find a suitable apartment for your budget.

Property for sale in Konyaalti

Property for sale in Konyaalti is a quite profitable investment as the Antalya region is the tourism capital of Turkey. After Lara beach, Konyaalti is the second most demanded area for a holiday. You can buy a property so that you can have a permanent holiday house, and earn a steady income by renting it during the winter seasons. Renting your property will bring about an 8% of income yearly, and the rates increase each year passes. Starting from 60.000 euros, you can find an affordable apartment, or starting from 100.000 euros, you can look for villas. Prices change depending on many factors. You can find a suitable house which will meet your needs.