Top 4 Clubs in Alanya

Sure, there are plenty of things to do around Alanya in the daytime, but what about the nightlife? Where are the best places to do? Well, if clubs and dancing are your go-to activities if you’re looking for a good time, then be sure to check…

Top 5 Places to Eat in Alanya

When travelling anywhere international, the first thing people want to do is sample the local cuisine and eat anything that they wouldn’t normally find back in their hometown. To help tourists and locals alike, here are our top 5 favorite…

Winter Activities in Alanya

Alanya is hailed as a resort city in Turkey, famous for its beaches, entertaining nightlife, and warm weather that will keep you out and about all day long. But what about the Winter season in Alanya? Does it compare to the Summer? Are you…
Unknown History of Alanya

Unknown History of Alanya

Alanya is the one of the most important part of world heritage. Alanya is full of culture and history from the first resettlement Upper Palaeolithic Era (BC 20.000 – 17.000) till now. Alanya is cradle of civilizations. Alanya got an important…
Statistics image of the Turkey Economy

Turkey Economy And Investment Opportunities

The country is among the world's leading producers of agricultural products; textiles; motor vehicles, transportation equipment; construction materials; consumer electronics and home appliances. And also Turkey is one of the biggest market of Europe. The Turkish market counts around 83 million consumers
Alanya City

Why living in Alanya better than anywhere?

Alanya situated southern coast of Turkey between Taurus Mountains and Mediterranean Alanya has stunning scenery and majestic mountains, beautiful beaches and great local cuisine. Then there is the safe and friendly environment and Alanya has wonderful climate most of the year.
Real Estate in Alanya

Things to Know Before Buying a Property in Alanya

Buying a property in Alanya is challenging for people who want to move to a nice condo, apartment or villa for the rest of their life and also people who like to invest in properties in Alanya.

There are plenty of things you should consider before doing anything:

Property for sale in Antalya

Alanya’s Nightlife; Is it Safe? Is it Entertaining?

Alanya is known as one of the cities that has a huge nightlife. There is absolutely no day of the year that you can’t find a good place to go and enjoy your night.