10 Reasons Why To Invest In Alanya

1) Geography and Climate

Alanya has a unique geographical position along the Mediterranean coast. Alanya is surrounded by mountainous areas, which are an extension of the Taurus Mountains in the North, whilst in the South, by The Mediterranean Sea and The Alanya Peninsula, which is surrounded by 6500 meters long walls. Alanya is a port city whose settlement history dates back to very ancient times. Alaaddin Keykubat, one of the Seljuk Sultans, evaluated Alanya's port feature very well and built the shipyard, and whilst built to protect the port the Red Tower. These port and historical buildings, which have become the symbol of Alanya, have preserved their features to the present day and serve tourism.

Alanya has a Mediterranean climate with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. In Alanya, one of the factors that give life to the tourism sector is the temperate climate of the four seasons. In Alanya, the seawater temperature is high and sunbathing period is long. For this reason, tourists from northern countries in winter can enter the sea and sunbathe on sunny days. Alanya, which offers the perfect opportunity to live and holiday with its favorable climate, is the favorite of those who want to buy houses and investors.

With its climate and geographical location, Alanya is one of the most fertile regions of the Mediterranean region in terms of soil. For this reason, plant species are diverse. Alanya is also rich in forest because it is surrounded by mountains. Even in some areas (Incekum District) the sea and forest are intertwined.

Because of its temperate climate and fertile soil, on the coast of Alanya, 24 kinds of tropical fruit species are grown such as orange, tangerine, kiwi, avocado, banana, mango, papaya, Annona cherimola, Averrhoa carambola, dragon fruit, custard apple, longan, mangosteen, snake fruit (Salak or Salacca Zalacca), guava seeds fruit, jambu Biji, Rambutan Rapiah. As we go north, fruit species such as cold-resistant apples, pears, and quince are grown. In this city, which is a paradise for agriculture and tourism at the same time, you can reach fresh fruits and vegetables at the local market established in different regions every day.

2) International Universities

Universities located in Alanya have opened their doors to international students for education. In addition, many opportunities have been offered for international students to receive a good education, such as government-funded higher education scholarships and the possibility to stay in public university dormitories at no cost. Students receiving scholarships have public health insurance. To students, who receive educational scholarships under this program, are paid some transportation costs by the state on their first arrival in Turkey and on their return after graduation.

3) Low Crime Rate

Alanya is one of the densest regions of foreign nationals who prefer Turkey to live in. One of the most important reasons why foreign citizens prefer Alanya to live is that it is reliable and the crime rate is low.  It has been observed that people living in Alanya, which offers unique areas with its nature, sea and magnificent beaches, are happy and peaceful. 

The atmosphere in the Alanya is very relaxed and friendly. According to the statistics published by Alanya district Police Department, traffic accidents and crime rates in Alanya are falling every year compared to the previous year. In addition, according to the research results of Numbeo, Alanya/Antalya is included in the list of the safest cities of 2020, which ranks the world's cities according to crime rates. A comparatively low crime rate in Alanya and friendly people make it a desirable place to visit or live.

4) Economy and Currency

Alanya's economy is based entirely on agriculture and tourism. According to 2020 data of the Population Registration System, foreigners constitute about 10 percent of Alanya's 333 thousand population. About 33 thousand foreigners of more than 80 nationalities reside in Alanya. This, in turn, makes foreigners who live in Alanya and come for holidays a part of economic life. Although the currency is the Turkish Lira, it is possible to pay with foreign coins in restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, shops and many other places in the city, including city buses. In addition, as this is one of Turkey’s larger resorts you can find to exchange your currency numerous ATM machines and foreign exchange facilities available to you.

5) Residence Permit & Citizenship

By purchasing real estate in Turkey, you can have direct citizenship rights. Previously, you were needed to buy $1 million worth of property to obtain Turkish citizenship. But in an attempt to attract more foreign investors, this amount was reduced to $250,000. The amount required for capital investment has fallen from $2 million to just $500,000. There is also an easy way for foreigners who want to start a business in Turkey and obtain citizenship. Previously, to obtain citizenship, a business owner had to provide jobs to at least 100 people, but this amount has now been reduced to 50. 

Foreigners who have real estate in Turkey can obtain a residence permit in Turkey in accordance with the International Protection Law No. 6458. Family members of foreigners who have obtained a residence permit can reside in Turkey within the scope of a family residence permit, provided that they do not exceed the duration of the sponsor's residence permit.

There is suitable for Turkish citizenship, brand new, sea view and luxury real estate options can be found at a very affordable price in Alanya. For this reason, Alanya is the first favorite city of foreign investors and those who want to live.

6) Developed City & High Quality Life

Alanya is one of the most important tourism centers developed with its environmental sensitivity, regional waste management systems, urban planning, corporate green areas, transportation, and quality of life. Luxury 5-star hotels that meet the accommodation needs of incoming tourists provide jobs and employment in the city. Alanya has developed into an important financial and business center with a welcoming and supportive government policy that supports both local and foreign investors and investments with the aim of improving the business environment. 

With its main roads planned parallel to the sea, transportation is quite easy and traffic is minimal. "Hiking and biking trails" are available, offering unique views along the coast.

Alanya is also a developed region in terms of airline transportation. Especially with the opening of Gazipaşa airport in 2010, transportation to Alanya became easier and the prestige of the city increased. With the International Gazipasa airport located only 45 km from Alanya and the International Antalya Airport located 120 km away, Transportation is possible with domestic and international flights all year round.

Alanya's largest and most crowded shopping centers are Alanyum Shopping Center, Konakli Time Center, and Konakli Neva Outlet. Apart from these, there is the main shopping street in the center of Alanya, where you can find many specialty shops. Alanya is also developed in terms of large supermarkets such as 5M Migros, Metro Supermarket, Tahtakale, and many more grocery chains. Foreign citizens and tourists are especially interested in the Metro Market, due to they can find the products of their country.

Alanya is one of our preferred provinces for various activities that can be evaluated within the scope of sports tourism with its numerous equipped facilities offering a high quality of service. Over the years, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, golf, tennis, cycling, judo, weightlifting, swimming, fencing national and international level in many sports such as sports tournaments are organized. Alanya Triathlon, which is a part of the European Triathlon tournament and was first held in 1991, is in demand from many countries.

Besides these, it hosts many activities in different areas such as underwater sports, paragliding, mountaineering, rafting, motocross, and skiing. Apart from national and international organizations, Alanya is suitable for water sports such as yachting, sailing, Sea skiing, diving, parasailing and surfing. It is also possible to paraglider with unique sea and nature views!

The atmosphere in Alanya is very comfortable and friendly, which allows foreign citizens and tourists to adapt quickly. In addition to competent staff with high standards and foreign languages, even artisans know a foreign language provides a great advantage for foreign citizens and tourists.

Alanya is a city with a multicultural structure with a large number of tourists and residents foreigners. Many people in different religions, different languages, and different cultures live together, happy and intertwined in Alanya.

Although Alanya is a developed metropolitan city, it is a great city to live in with its lush nature and fresh air.

7) Cosmopolitan City

Alanya, which has been home to many civilizations throughout history, has reached a multicultural structure as a result of the influence of different cultures living in it. Alanya, which has an Open Society, hosts a rich culture by incorporating the unique features of different cultures. It has a cosmopolitan structure where tourists from different cultures stay and even decide to live their lives.

Alanya Municipality provides support in all areas for resident foreigners. In order to solve the problems of foreign residents living in the district, to operate on many issues such as cultural and social activities, the "Foreigners Assembly" was established within the municipality of Alanya in 2004.

8) Fast ROI & Investment Opportunity

Alanya is one of the most preferred cities in Turkey to invest in real estate and is growing by receiving continuous migration abroad and from within the country. Real estate investments in Alanya provide a profit margin of 10-20%. New areas are being developed in the city to meet the growing housing need, and the number of housing is increasing with zoning works. In order to meet the need for more housing, luxury projects are carried out, especially offering social living areas such as outdoor and indoor swimming pool, fully equipped gym, Turkish bath, steam room, sauna, children playground, basketball and tennis court, cinema, meeting room. These properties, which are offered for sale while under construction, are both more affordable and offer a lot of payment opportunities.

9) Guaranteed Rental Income

Alanya offers a pleasant and comfortable life with its four-season livable temperate climate, beautiful seas, world-famous beaches, history, nature, sports activities, easy transportation, and luxury life that attracts domestic and foreign citizens. Alanya has great Real Estate Rental Potential due to the flow of thousands of tourists every year for those looking for a rental property. Alanya is also a student city with a growing and developing universities and is an attractive option for those who want to invest with a guaranteed rental return. Many urban regulation projects are also carried out in Alanya, which are available to the public and increase the brand value of the city.

10) Off Plan Properties

With its stable and continuously growing economy and increasing population, mega projects in the real estate sector in Alanya have increased and Alanya has become an investment center. In Alanya, luxury residences are being built that offer both social activities and intertwined with nature by opening new regions. Luxury villas built-in high parts of Alanya offer the unique Alanya Peninsula, Alanya Castle, and the Mediterranean Sea under your feet. 

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• If the project has not yet been completed, it is possible to make the desired changes to the apartment.

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