The great spots to photograph in Turkey, as well as general travel advice for Turkey

  1. Go hot air skyrocketing in Cappadocia.

Sunrise in Cappadocia is a must-see experience for anyone visiting Turkey. Begin your morning with a quick (limited) continental breakfast before boarding a plane with 12 – 26 of your *closest* friends.






Justify the sass; it truly is a fantastic experience, and you can upgrade from a standard to a sightseeing tour when you book ahead of time! Regardless, you'll find yourself 4 – 20km above the ground, and you'll enjoy every minute of it, no matter who you're with.

Tips for a Cappadocia hot air balloon adventure in Turkey:


If the winds are too strong, the company will postpone flights until the next morning — plan on staying an extra day or two in Cappadocia as a backup — or you can catch the balloons from looking point.


If you want to go beyond Cappadocia's main town, you'll need a car; however, hot air balloon companies will pick you up from your hotel.

It gets a little chilly, so wrap up warm! Wear pants or leggings because you will have to climb into and out of the hot air balloon basket.



2.Take overhead shots in Pamukkale while paragliding.

We'd just finished wandering through Pamukkale's travertine pools when our driver greeted us with some exciting news: "It's not too late to go paragliding in Pamukkale." We were at the top of a mountain in 15 minutes and dashing off with a parachute.



Paragliding can be arranged through your hotel or anywhere else in town. It's incredible and definitely a bucket-list adventure!



3. Go for a walk at Pamukkale as well.

The Pamukkale geothermal pools are indeed the unicorn of natural national parks if you're not in the mood for adventure. These white hillsides, which correspond to "cotton fortresses" in Turkish, resemble snow glaciers but are actually carbonate ions deposits.

The party ends at 5:00 p.m. mostly during wintertime (which is why we took cheeky photos at 5:15, thus dodging the crowds). The park is open all night in the summer months.



4. Visit Ephesus

In the Book of Revelation, the Greek city of Ephesus has a significant Christian importance. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's only a short drive from the Andan Menderes Airport.



5. Visit the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque, maybe the most famous of all Istanbul attractions, lives up to the promise! It was so beautiful that I went twice at sunrise to see it.




6. Spend the night in a Cappadocia cave

Step over, Abu Dhabi's seven-star palaces! There's nothing quite like living in an underground city's cave. Over the millennia, volcanoes hollowed down rocks, which became people's dwellings and, finally, Turkey areas of interest for a luxurious lodging experience.



7. Take a tour of the city below ground.

Cappadocia has 36 fallout shelters, with the Kaymakli Underground City being the most popular (pictured below). The cave dwelling has a complex protection system against intruders. The engineering of 100 tunnels and eight stories makes this one of the most amazing cities I've yet to visit, from ventilation systems to traps, wineries, churches, and orphanages.




8. In Istanbul, look for a rooftop.

Istanbul is famed for its outlandish art and hipster rooftops. With a perspective of the only mid-Euro-Asian metropolitan city, enjoy hookah, wine, or Turkish coffee.


9. In Cappadocia, look for blue eyes.

The blue eyes, also known as "Nazars," are a symbol of Turkey that protects you from the evil eye, which is cast by people who are envious of you and wish you harm.

A restaurant is located just up the road, overlooking the trees. They agreed when we asked if we may take our tea outside to the rooftop.




10, Take a stroll into Hagia Sophia.

The museum, which presently serves as a Christian Church, Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Roman Catholic Cathedral, and Imperial Mosque, was originally built as a Christian Church, Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Roman Catholic Cathedral, and Imperial Mosque. Take a look inside and you'll notice the magnificent domes.



11. Cappadocia's Goreme National Park is number eleven.

The entire area is designated as Goreme National Park, yet several rock formations have nicknames such as Rose Valley, Mushroom Valley, and Imagination Valley. Request a tour of the fairy chimney and volcanic rock formations from your guide or driver.



12. Istanbul's Bosporus Bridge

Capture the mosque from afar over Istanbul's Bosphorus crossing at sunrise or sunset.