Vaccination Priority For Tourism Destinations In Turkey

Applications that will ensure that tourism services in Turkey remain safe during the pandemic crisis to being rapidly developed and implemented. In Turkey, which aims to be the safest tourism destination in the world, all necessary steps are taken to ensure the safe continuation of Tourism. Since the start of the “Safe Tourism Certification Program” in June 2020, high-level health and safety measures have been taken in the tourism sector.

Turkey continues to take measures to become a healthy and safe tourism destination for travelers in 2021. Vaccines produced as a cure for the outbreak have been a beacon of hope for safe tourism. Our country has taken a new step in order for tourism personnel to work in a healthy and safe way and to continue the activities of the tourism sector in our country without interruption. As part of the safe tourism certificate program, a priority vaccination program was created for all employees working in tourist destinations, and the vaccination process began.

In this context, safe tourism certified and Ministry certified accommodation facilities, food and drink facilities, travel agencies, tour guides and all personnel working in tourism transport vehicles will be vaccinated as a priority. In this way, the risk will be minimized and a safe and healthy environment will be formed.

What Is The Safe Tourism Certification Program?

The Turkey Safe Tourism Certification Program defines and advises mandatory measures to offer a healthy and safe holiday to all Turkish citizens and international visitors who want to spend their holidays in Turkey. This certification program covers a wide range from transportation to accommodation, from facility employees to the health of passengers.

The Safe Tourism Certification Program, based on various international standards and criteria to issue Safe Tourism Certification Program verification conducts hygiene and health inspections and does compliance assessments. Following those inspections and assessments, the institutions put their findings in reports and then periodically send inspectors to facilities that have applied to the program to check whether the services are provided according to the criteria.

It is expected that the vaccination priority applied in tourism destinations will provide many advantages to the real estate sector. With this application, controlled entry and exit between countries will be provided and interest in the real estate sector will increase due to the reduced risk of a pandemic. Foreign citizens who want to buy or invest in real estate will receive services in a healthy and safe way. If you are considering buying real estate in Turkey, you can contact EMR real estate and meet our secure services!