Where is Alanya?


Alanya is a City of vibrant in the Mediterranean region, located on the eastern coast of the gulf of Antalya in the Anatolian peninsula it extends the rich and long history, which dates back to the history of the ancient Egyptians, and its sayings Turkish City for Europeans and Scandinavians tourists.

You will see the majestic scenery of the Taurus Mountains in the north to 2 KM in length.

Alanya City is characterized by the beautiful sandy beaches along the coast in each City. And also Alanya City is characterized by a Mediterranean climate moderate in all seasons of the year. It’s called the City of sun because of the sun appearance throughout the year.

Beach front City, 120 KM from the City of Antalya. It was famouse as well Halal tourism, Alanya is considered one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, for being a wonderful City surrounded by high mountains and golden beaches.

Alanya is located on the borders of the Taurus Mountains in the south of the Mediterranean coast and the magnificent climatic conditions and mild, most of the population of Turks, however, there are more than 100.000 European people lives there because of the beauty of this City. And millions of tourist peoples come to visit this City all of the year because its joy able City and contains of many beautiful places.

Starting in 2003, the housing market has become a very profitable, with many private homes and condominiums built temporary residents for Europe and Asia people.

The real estate market has become one of the key sectors that contribute to the gross domestic product in Turkey, it is not a long time since the last few years, and there are many different types of real estate for sale, for example:

Apartments overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, there are also villas and palaces, luxury apartments with prices to suit all appropriate entry.

There are great facilities for the purchase of real estate, the government has also taken initiatives to promote and encourage the role of investors to invest their money in the real estate sector, thus giving investors financial incentives, in this way, expanding projects in Alanya and strengthens the economy in general, arrived this property to a high degree of sophistication has never seen before.

Because of the growing popularity of the tourist City of Alanya reverse positively on the real estate market and began buying in real estate in the City of Alanya, for the purpose of tourism rental, many investors are buying real estate in the process of constructıon and after Cıty of Alanya further development in this area.

These factors make real estate in Alanya are very popular among foreign property buyers, with the expansion of international service in Ghazi Basha Airport, tourism will grow, As a result, prices will grow.

Do you want stability in this small City and why?

The answer depends on you if you are looking for a relaxing and simple life, so Alanya is the right choice.

Dynamic nature of the City of Alanya, mountains coated with trees such as forests dense variety of plants in all forms and colors along the roads in the City, so that’s why it’s perfect roads for safari trips and recreation……

The atmosphere in the City of alanya is very clean since there are no factories are located in Alanya and economic life flourish in this City and are focused on tourism, agriculture and construction.

Akar Residence

Do you want to own in Alanya? Do you want to own in town of Mahmutlar in Alanya?

EMR Real Estate After 11 years of huge succesful and high quality service and being the agent of choice for anyone considering buying, selling or renting a property in Turkey, Now we have AKAR RESiDENCE our own Project.

AKAR RESiDENCE construction has started on 1st of October in the town of Mahmutlar in Alanya City.

The complex contains 1 block, 36 apartments and 4 dublex, a wonderful garden, large outdoor swimming pool and pool bar where you can have refreshments and snacks. also there is wireless internet connection and European televation channels. ( For more informations and details please visit www.akarresidence.com )







Investment in Turkey

Property next to the Mediterranean sea in Turkey, It’s now the most sought in the Northern Hemisphere, buy a House in Turkey is easier than ever.

Why do people invest in Real Estate in Turkey?

There is 10 important reasons about why do people invest in Real Estate in Turkey, Because:

-Successful economy.

-Qualified workforce and characterized by competition.


-Station and also corridor fort to transfer energy to Europe.

-Customs Union with the EU since 1996.


-Freed investment climate and subject to reforms.

-The central location.

-Incentives and low taxes.

-Local huge market.

EMR Real Estate


We are always proud to grant priority to the interests of the client.

Welcome to EMR Real Estate.

We will not talk too much about our company, like other companies. The success of our company is based on three principles, are:

Get the customers trust and respect and commitment to transparency and clarity.

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Our message:

Contribute to community service by raising the proportion of home ownership,by securing privileged dwelling Enjoys customer satisfaction,and through the work of a vast experience in the market team.

Our goal:

Securing the largest number of housing opportunities through the provision of housing units with high specifications and designs unique and favorable prices.

Excellence in execution and the level of sophistication of the profession in the real estate market.

The provision of real estate investment opportunities, meaningful and well thought out.



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