Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey

Once every year, a great bicycle race is held known as the Tour of Turkey. People from all over the world from different countries, cities, and towns gather in a Turkish city to participate in this grand event, making it one of the largest multicultural events in the world.

There is a specific route that the bikers have to take, so anyone thinking of cheating and trying to go off the mapped route for a short-cut will not be able to do so. This race requires a lot of stamina so although it will be difficult for the bikers to pass anyone at the beginning of the race, as bikers begin to get tired, stronger competitors will be able to pull ahead.

But this is not just some 10km or even 25km race. The race in particular that is held this year is around 996km.

However, the race is not a straight shot to Istanbul and whoever reaches Istanbul first is declared the winner. Instead, the winner of the race is the person who scores the most points in each of the 6 stages of the race. Bikers will do five laps in Istanbul and then settle down in a hotel for the night before moving on to the next major city along the way and completing the same task, all the way to the last city where the 6th stage will be held. You can now see why this is such a gruelling race and why only the strongest bikers are recommended to compete in such an event. 

If you think you have what it takes to compete in the Tour of Turkey, train hard and find a team in your area.

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