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Beachfront 4 villas for sale in Demre Antalya
Beachfront 4 villas for sale in Demre Antalya
Beachfront 4 villas for sale in Demre Antalya
Beachfront 4 villas for sale in Demre Antalya
Beachfront 4 villas for sale in Demre Antalya
Beachfront 4 villas for sale in Demre Antalya Click for More Photos
€ 1.679.000

Beachfront 4 villas, which have a perfect location in Demre, Antalya are for sale...

Ref Nr: ANT-0001
  • Demre
  • 260 sqm
  • 7
  • 6

Property for sale in Antalya

Buying a property in Antalya is a quite profitable investment. Antalya is a resort city and it is one of the most popular cities in Turkey due to its mild climate, accessibility of transportation, shopping, culture, sandy beaches, education, health services, private hospitals, international schools, airports, and infrastructural developments.

Because of these reasons, Antalya is a great option either to spend a summer holiday or for permanent living. Antalya is a rapidly growing city and the population of the city doubled in the last decade more than a million.

Property in Antalya is highly demanded because of its developing economy, and real estate in Antalya gains more popularity and value each year. Antalya is a great holiday destination and after coming once, it attracts both foreign tourists and native people to visit again. People can escape from the crowded and stress of the city and find peace in Antalya and get relaxed. Also, foreign tourists do not have any trouble in terms of communication since people can talk in English, and movies are shown in English too.

Property for sale in Antalya

Property for sale in Antalya has a wide range in terms of budget and location of the properties. Apartments cost about 60.000 to 200.000 euros depending on the size of the house, closeness to the beach, whether there is a need for renovation or not. Along the coast side, the prices are higher. Whereas the villas start from 100.000 euros and go up to 300.000 euros. Prices change depending on whether there is a private pool, a private garden, the size of the house, and so on. And as villas provide more privacy, prices rise more.

How to Buy Property in Antalya?

Property in Antalya can be bought either from the internet or personally during the holiday. You can visit our website When choosing where to buy a property, look for trustworthy, recommended websites so that every process will go without a problem. And if you wish to come to see your potential property, see whether if they have a service of transportation for you. Real estate in Antalya demands is getting higher each year by foreign tourists.

Villas for sale in Antalya are chosen more comparing to apartments since they provide more privacy and security. The villa prices change from 100.000 euros to 300.000 euros depending on how luxury the villa is or room number of the villa. Also, whether there is a private pool or private garden are the factors affecting the price.

Apartments for sale in Antalya are more affordable compared to villas. If you are on a budget, an apartment is also a suitable option. The apartment prices change from 60.000 to 200.000 euros, room number, location of the house, renovation need are the factors that affect the prices. If you have enough budget, you can buy a luxury property in Antalya for thousands of euros and find the best properties.

Property in Antalya

Antalya property for sale is very popular since the city has great advantages. A sunny climate, close location to the airport, amazing beaches, cultural activities, historical places, and cheap living costs are included in the advantages. Many foreign residents either bought a property already or thinking to buy one not only for investment but also, staying in Antalya for a permanent stay or holiday house. Antalya is a growing city but also has a beautiful nature and see so that people can have a stress free holiday and relax.

Is Buying a Property in Antalya a good investment?

Buying a property in Antalya is a great investment for several reasons. Antalya region is highly demanded and has a rental potential greatly. Properties in Antalya yield 8% yearly due to their sea view and luxury. An apartment or a villa in Konyaaltı or Lara Beach areas are very demanded and can be rented to either tourists or native Turkish people when not used. This can provide a steady income all year.

Real estate in Antalya has increased values more than 100% in the last decade, showing that Antalya region is a great investment area.

30% of the population are Russians and Germans, also British, Danish, and Dutch tourists create a community of various cultures and make a welcoming community. This diversity of the city is a comforting property that Antalya has a welcoming city. Buying a property in Antalya will provide you to have a second home in Turkey and have a profitable investment. Private hospitals, international schools, malls, the airport, developing economy, and good infrastructure are the reasons why you should buy property in Antalya.

Where to Buy Property in Antalya?

Antalya has various areas, in which you can find different types of houses depending on your budget and taste such as modern villas, classic country houses, or luxury apartments. Having a property in Antalya is not only a profitable investment but also provides a second home in Turkey, Antalya, a popular holiday destination due to its nature and sea. Antalya is the tourist capital of Turkey, and it has blue flag beaches, historical places, canyons, rivers, lakes. The Mediterranean holiday town Antalya visited all year thanks to its warm climate.

Real Estate in Antalya

Konyaaltı, Lara, Old Town, Kundu, Kepez, Centre, Dosemealtı, and Muratpasha are the popular areas of Antalya real estate. Having an apartment or a villa will provide a steady income by renting it when not used or a great second home for a permanent stay. Especially, Konyaaltı and Lara Beach areas are very popular and will bring more income compared to other areas. Properties in general in Antalya bring about 8% of the income of their values and each year, the prices are getting higher. Belek, which is the golden star of Antalya has risen the real estate values due to its heavenly beautiful nature. It is also a great option for both investment and year-round living.