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Property for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the capital cities of the world and having a property in Istanbul is one of the most profitable investments. Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey and has an ancient history, a mixed culture of art and science. As more people moving to Istanbul, due to job opportunities, infrastructure, medical, education services, each year demands for real estate properties.

There is a quite competition among construction companies, results in a wide variety of properties for any budget. Having a property in Istanbul is one of the most profitable investments you can make in Turkey. Because Istanbul was always a popular and crowded city and each year, property prices are getting higher and higher. Either an affordable apartment or a luxury villa, you can have a steady income by renting it and every year after, you can make more profit.

There is a wide range of options for property for sale in Istanbul and depending on the budget, size of the house, and location of the house. Istanbul has a natural beauty with the Marmara sea in front of the city, higher up the value of the properties by providing a sea view. Some of the apartments are with a view of Bosphorus Bridge, which is also a demanded feature. The prime locations of Istanbul are Beyoglu, Sisli, Macka, Levent, Mecidiyekoy, and Bebek, which all have Bosphorus Bridge view. Hence, they are highly demanded areas. Whereas, Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Kucukcekmece, and Esenyurt areas have more affordable property options.  

How to Buy Property in Istanbul?

If you want to buy a property in Istanbul, you can either do it online by getting help from reliable, recommended, affordable real estate people, or you can always see and decide on the house that you will intent to buy.

Property for sale in Istanbul

If you wish to raise a family in Istanbul and have enough budget, there are so many luxury villas for sale in Istanbul. Depending on the presence of a garden, private swimming pool, and other luxury services, prices change. Real estate prices increase every year and expected to increase even more. Villas in Istanbul can provide up to 7% income by renting it either to tourists and local people. You can find a villa that costs about 300.000 euros but if you are looking for a villa with the best facilitates, you should prepare a budget of 750.000 euros.   

Apartments for sale in Istanbul are more varied in the budget. As Istanbul is a crowded city getting more crowded each year, real estate is always demanded and will be demanded more. Hence, properties have a dramatically high value. You can find beachfront apartments with sea view, or choose apartments from higher buildings and enjoy a great view of Istanbul. Also, apartments with a view of the Bosphorus Bridge have a great advantage in terms of being a profitable investment.

Istanbul is the major capital city in Turkey and it is the heart of the industry, education, health services. Istanbul Property for sale has a variety of options. You can find any house or villa for your budget and your needs. One of the most important features is the location of the property. If the location of the house is from the center areas, the prices get higher. Another feature is the size of the house and the age of the building. As the building age gets newer and size increases, the price gets higher.

Is Buying a Property in Istanbul a good investment?

Buying a property in Istanbul is the most profitable investment you can make in Turkey. Istanbul is the major capital city in Turkey and has 15 million people of the population. Hence, there is always a demand for property in Istanbul. Each year, real estate in Istanbul gains more value, prices of the properties increases. In the last decade, the real estate prices doubled and keep increasing. Now, the properties in Istanbul attract many foreign investors and became the center of the world's real estate market.

Property in Istanbul

The prime locations of Istanbul are Beyoglu, Sisli, Macka, Levent, Mecidiyekoy, and Bebek, which all have Bosphorus Bridge view and villas are usually located in these areas. If you buy a villa and rent it when not used, you can have a steady income of 7% of yearly rental income. Also, if you wish to resell your property, you can sell for a higher price than the original price you bought. Either way, it is a profitable investment to buy a property in Istanbul.

Where to Buy Property in Istanbul?

Property in Istanbul can be found for any budget. If you have a high budget, like more than one million euros, you can buy a villa with a sea view, and Bosphorus Bridge view. Or, you can buy an apartment for lower prices in Beylikduzu and Esenyurt areas. Beylikduzu and Esenyurt are close areas to the airport and also universities. Also, Sefakoy and Basaksehir areas are the newly popular areas of Istanbul. If you wish to have a property with a sea view, you should look for Belek, Galata, and Karakoy. The primary locations of Istanbul are Beyoglu, Nisantasi, Taksim, and Cihangir, which are the most popular areas for nightlife, shopping, art, and culture.

Real Estate in Istanbul

Istanbul real estate gaining popularity and hence demanded more and more after each year. Investing in a property in Istanbul is investing in the future. There are some reasons why you should choose to invest in Istanbul. Istanbul has mega projects in the process such as the third airport, Canal Istanbul, and the third bridge. Also, Istanbul is one of the most popular destination for tourists and more than 12 million visitors come to see Istanbul. The real estate in Istanbul is always encouraged so that other industries and the economy of Istanbul will profit this. Istanbul is a fast-growing city such that neighboring towns are also counted as a part of Istanbul lately. The real estate market has to construct 250.000 new properties every year to meet the demands of accommodation.