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Property for sale in Kas

Having a property in Kas is one of the most advantageous investments. Kas is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Kas is known for its beautiful Mediterranean properties with beaches and great views. Kas is a town of simple ethnic charm and natural beauty. These qualities result in foreign investors to purchase a property and start to stay.

Kas supports fishermen and also has a community of nice services, shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is known to being one of the best Mediterranean towns. Property in Kas is demanded greatly and Kas gains popularity each year more. After visiting once, visitors of both foreign and local tourists come regularly and buy a property to have a second home in Kas. People can escape from the crowded and stress of the city and find peace in Antalya and get relaxed. Also, foreign tourists do not have any trouble in terms of communication since local people can talk in English and a great amount of the community is foreign.

Property for sale in Kas

Property for sale in Kas has a wide range in terms of budget and location of the properties. Apartments in Kas cost about 75.000 euros to 150.000 euros depending on the size of the house, closeness to the beach and center, whether there is a need for renovation or not. While the prices of villas are starting about 200.000 euros and can high up to 400.000 euros, a wide variety of villas from the most basic to the most luxurious villas, in all shapes and sizes. Along the coast side, the prices are higher for both apartments and villas.

How to Buy Property in Kas?

Property in Kas can be purchased either from the internet by online or personally during the holiday. You can visit our website When choosing where to buy a property, look for trustworthy, recommended websites so that every process of the purchasing will go smoothly. And if you wish to come to see your potential property, see whether if they have a service of transportation for you.

Villas for sale in Kas are demanded highly and chosen more since they are located in both center of Kas and far from the center. They provide privacy, a more relaxed holiday as they have private pools, beach platforms, and sea views. The prices of villas are starting about 200.000 euros and can high up to 400.000 euros. There are villas in Kas both very basic and simple or luxurious, with different shapes and sizes.

Apartments for sale in Kas are cheaper compared to villas and a better choice if you have a low budget. Apartments in Kas cost about 75.000 euros to 150.000 euros. Comparing apartments and villas, apartments will not have a private pool, and less privacy since more people will be around. But, apartments with located nearby beaches, having security, a shared swimming pool are great options.

Kas property for sale is usually looked into three different categories. Properties on the new marina side, opposite the Meis Island, and in the township. All three locations are charming to live, but among them, the most desirable location is Meis Island. Kas is not only so popular because of its amazing nature, surroundings, but also a nice investment coastal area of Turkey. Kas is an amazing natural area to have a second home, to have a holiday property permanently, and to spend retirement times.

Is Buying a Property in Kas a good investment?

Having a property in Kas is an advantageous and profitable investment. There are many luxurious properties in Kas that meet high standards. They can provide private pools, sea view, onsite security, and gated communities. Kas real estate is known for its luxurious and expensive properties. Residents are usually very wealthy and attracted by the beautiful nature of Kas. Since Kas offers privacy, relaxation, and peace, as more rich buyers demand properties according to their budget, developers in Kas built luxury villas, apartments, and houses to meet their high standards.

Real Estate in Kas

Buying Property in Kas is a good investment since prices on Kas properties are more than doubled over the last decade as Kas discovered by foreign tourists and gained popularity. Investors noticed that buying a property both provides a second home as a holiday destination, but also a great income source by renting the property. A great number of foreign residents either bought a property already or thinking to buy one not only for investment but also, staying in Kas permanently, either for retirement time or earlier. There are also many activities you can do in Kas, such as fishing, yachting, diving, ancient ruins, and local Turkish food.

Where to Buy Property in Kas?

There are different options for properties in Kas, both for high and low prices. Usually, the properties in Kas are more luxurious to meet the demands of wealthy investors. But, foreign tourists and investors are still discovering Kas, results in there are also affordable options and the Kas area is maintained authentic and timeless feeling.

Property in Kas

Kas real estate is a still-developing market. This makes Kas properties to be very luxurious and highly expensive. Still, luxury villas in Kas can earn you high rental incomes, mostly over 7% yearly. Apartments around the town center can provide an income of 6% during the summer season. Kas is a charming tourist area for a family to find peace, relax, and escape from the stress and crowded of the cities. Kas also hosts many activities such as fishing, yachting, diving, ancient ruins, and local Turkish food. The resident portfolio of Kas usually consists of wealthy tourists and investors, meaning there are mostly quite luxurious, and expensive properties that are present in Kas. It is expected to Kas real estate gain more and more value as after each year, Kas is discovered and loved more. Buying a property in Kas will be a good investment and will gain more value as time.