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Detached triplex villa with private pool for sale in Kemer
Detached triplex villa with private pool for sale in Kemer
Detached triplex villa with private pool for sale in Kemer
Detached triplex villa with private pool for sale in Kemer
Detached triplex villa with private pool for sale in Kemer
Detached triplex villa with private pool for sale in Kemer Click for More Photos
€ 255.000

A detached, triplex villa with private pool for sale in Kemer, Antalya...

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Property for sale in Kemer

Having a property in Kemer is an amazing chance to have a holiday for summers and also, for retirement times. Kemer is one of the most beautiful areas of Turkey and properties in Kemer demanded highly because the Kemer area provides privacy for people and it is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. Kemer is a part of Antalya and placed on the Mediterranean coastline.

It is a quite and district area, but also has many hotels, restaurants, clubs, and cafes in the center, with an active life. Hence, its historical importance is what makes property in Kemer so charming, attractive, and chose.

Tourists and native people of Turkey tend to choose Kemer to stay away from the stress of city life, just relax and enjoy the seas, mountains, and pine forests. Each year thousands of tourists come to Kemer to try yacht tours, to explore hidden bays, natural panoramas, and beautiful nature. Also, they explore Turkish culture that involves hand made carpets and finds a chance to try Turkish foods such as gözleme (similar to a pancake), and ayran (a yogurt drink).

Property for sale in Kemer

In Kemer, there are many luxury apartments and villas for sale, which close to the beach. Property for sale in Kemer is a great investment, or for a permanent home due to its beautiful nature, history, and relaxing comfort. The villa prices in Kemer, start around 70.000 euro, but this kind of villas need some attention and renovation. Newer, more modern villas have price about 130.000 euro, which include private pools and gardens. Unfortunately, Kemer properties views do not include sea, because of the geography. But, most of them have amazing views of mountains and forests.

How to Buy Property in Kemer?

Property in Kemer can be either bought from the Internet or you can personally see and choose villas and apartments during the holiday. Kemer is demanded greatly because of its nature, seas, forests, mountains but also the active center. Kemer is 40 km far from Antalya, where there are shops, restaurants, airport, and medical services people can take advantage of. Tourists and native people of Turkey come to Turkey to relax and have a stress-free holiday.

Property in Kemer

Villas for sale in Kemer especially demanded and their average prices change from 70.000 to 130.000 euro depending on how repaired they are, whether if they private swimming pools, playgrounds, gardens, how far from the shore and security. Some villas are older and need more attention to repair. It is up to potential owners of the properties what to choose and whether if worths it or not.

Apartments for sale in Kemer are more affordable choices for buying a property. Also, they tend to be more in the center area of Kemer. Prices of apartments are about 50.000 euros to 140.000 on average. Comparing apartments and villas, apartments will not have a private pool, and less privacy since more people will be around. Also, it should be considered that properties in Kemer do not view the sea but the mountains instead.

Kemer property for sale, is one of the most popular areas of Turkey, especially for Russian and British tourists, a great number of them have already bought Kemer properties, villas, and apartments and they live in Kemer on summers. Kemer is not only so popular because of its amazing nature, surroundings, but also a nice investment coastal area of Turkey. A great number of foreign residents either bought a property already or thinking to buy one not only for investment but also, staying in Kemer permanently, either for retirement time or earlier. Antalya provides a variety of malls, restaurants, cafes, clubs so that it is attractive for modern and up-to-date qualities.

Is Buying a Property in Kemer a good investment?

Buying a property in Kemer has several advantages. Kemer is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Turkey, and foreign tourists return after they enjoy the great nature of Kemer. Rental properties are demanded highly, even some villas are booked two years of advance. A Kemer villa investment can provide 9% rental income each year and an apartment of about 6%. Prices of Kemer properties are increasing each year by 10% because Antalya has a developing economy, infrastructure, health, and education services.

Real Estate in Kemer

Real estate in Kemer expected to rise dramatically in a few years because of all these reasons and the high interest of foreign tourists. Buying a property in Kemer will enable you to have a second home in Turkey and provide an income by renting it to either tourists or native Turkish people when not used.

Buying property in Kemer is a profitable investment if you love Kemer for a holiday destination. Kemer allows people to escape from the city crowd and stress, and relax with its beautiful nature.

Where to Buy Property in Kemer?

There are different areas of Kemer, properties having different real estate values. Depending on your taste and budget, you can purchase modern villas, classic country houses, luxury apartments, and so on. Having a property in Kemer is a great investment to have a holiday home and having an income. There are many apartments and villas for sale in Camyuva and Kiris. Kemer is 45 km away from the Antalya center, and most of the year is sunny in Kemer.

Kemer Real Estate has gaining more value each year and making such an investment is a great plan to have a holiday home in one of the most popular coastal areas of Turkey. Depending on how far from the center and how new the property, the prices change. Other than Camyuva and Kiris, also Kemer city center, Arslanbudcak, Beycik, Goynuk, Tekirova, and Kuzdere are available areas for buying a property in Kemer.

During the holiday season, real estate prices get high because of more demand. If you intend to buy a property, you can think of buying during the winter time in Turkey. Due to the location of Kemer, near Antalya, the sea and the beaches, safety, and transport accessibility, the developed infrastructure of Antalya provides great advantages and makes so charming of Kemer.