Real Estate in Alanya

Things to Know Before Buying a Property in Alanya

The Price of Property in Alanya

Since real estate in Alanya is a very busy and popular industry, there are a large number of people active in industry and unfortunately, not all of them are honest to provide you with the actual pricing of your potential house or apartment in Alanya. So it’s very important to check the reviews of each real estate agent or company that you consider to work with.

The History of the Potential Real Estate in Alanya

Some properties in Alanya have had owners who still owe the bank some of the property’s payment and it cause the property to be in possession of the bank. Sometimes real estate agents do not let the client know about it and once the time for issuing your title deed has come, you come across a lot of new problems. It’s recommended to ask your agent to give you clear history of the property. If you prefer, you can also hire a lawyer to protect you in the purchase.

Property’s Power and Electricity Supply

Some properties in Alanya use the city’s power based on a high price range rather than normal residential pricing. You should ask your agent about the pricing format for the electricity after you move in.

Re-sale Value of Your Property in Alanya

Properties’ location, closeness to the sea, city center and convenience stores, age, days on market and neighbors make a property either valuable for re-selling in future or hard to re-sell. If you plan to invest, invest on the ones who keep in the market less and grows faster.

Association Fee (Turkish: “Aidat”) and Strata Rules

Each property has its own way of management with its own rules and association fees. It’s critical to know the rules and fees before you actually move in.

Emrah Yesilkaya, our CEO is the head of the Department of Real Estate in ALTSO (Alanya Chamber of Commerce). So it assures our clients that we never misprice the properties and never provide you with some properties with unclear or dirty history.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation about your property purchase, regardless you buy from Home in Turkey EMR, or any other brokerage company active in real estate in Alanya.

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