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Villas for sale in Cyprus

Villas for sale in Cyprus are very popular these days. Let me tell you all about Kibris and you will want to own a property right away! First of all, let’s start with facts. Kibris, also known as Cyprus, is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean sea.

Therefore, there is no other country on its border. Its capital is Nicosia and the country’s largest city, as we call it Lefkosha. Kibris is located right down below the Turkey in the map and it has two official languages: Turkish and Greek. Its currency is Euro. Kibris is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and also very popular for vacations and touristic spots.

In Cyprusvillas for sale are quite common. Buying a house here is in your advantage. You can enjoy luxury and peace in an amazing country. It has many historical and natural beauties that you can witness mythology and true history in the same place. So, investing in real estates here is a right choice. Check out villas for sale in Cyprus and find the best house for your dreams. You can always find the best and suitable home with EMR Properties.

Where to buy a villa in Cyprus?


Kibris has many great cities that you should consider to invest. When you buy a villa in Cyprus, one of the most important things is location. The capital of the Kibris, Nicosia, is very different from all the other capitals in the world. This country is actually divided into two and the capital is affected by this. The North side is controlled by the Turkish and the South side is controlled by the Greek. You can see the seperation line between two sides and it’s called Green Line. In the capital. You can visit the Byzantine Museum, the Cyprus Museum, Selimiye Mosque, Ledra Street, Famagusta Gate and many other historical places.

buy villa in Cyprus


Ayia Napa is a small town in Kibris. Maybe the most famous town in the country. It is known with the beautiful Nissi Beach. The beach is 500 meters long and the water is so clean that the beach has received the blue flag award. It is a small town but it is a major tourist center and is fully equipped as a holiday destination. This part is visited by thousands of tourists each year to the coast. You can also visit Konnos Bay, Sea Caves, Sculpture Park, Cape Greco and Water Park.


Larnaca is an important touristic city of Kibris. It has the biggest airport on the island. Like the rest of the country, it is known with the famous “hellim cheese”. In the ancient ages this city was called “Citium”. Some of the places you may want to visit are: Agios Larnacos, Hala Sultan Tekke, Larnaca Fort, Kamares Aqueduct, Stavrovouni Monastery and many museums.


Baf, also known as Paphos, is a port city in Cyprus. If you want to buy a house here, you must visit Tombs of the Kings, Paphos Castle, Paphos Harbour, Forty Columns Fortress,   Adonis Baths Waterfalls, Villa of Theseus and of course Aphrodite’s Rock, aka Petra Tu Romui. Mythology believes that the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born here. Buy a home in the city of greek gods and goddesses and live the legend.


One of the most touristic spots in Kibris for perfect for sunbathing, relaxing, having a cocktail at the Fig Tree Bay, Green Bay, Vryssi Beac, Kappari Beach… Or having a quiet, nice, long walk in the Konnos Nature Trail, Ocean Aquarium, Moonshine Ranch and many other great places.

Look for villas for sale in Cyprus and you will find the perfect home with EMR Properties

Luxury Villas for sale in Cyprus

When you buy property or invest in real estates, one of the criterias is luxury. What is luxury? Elegance and expenses. More privacy, more comfort, more vanity, more frequency, more elite, more, more,more… Luxury means always more of whatever you want! When it comes to buying a house, luxury is the best choice. In real estates, luxury is villas. Only the best ones of course. You can have whatever you desire and have the house of your dreams. The location, the color, the view, furnished or not. Search luxury villas for sale in Cyprus and decide which one you want.

Villas for sale in Cyprus

Luxury comes with a price and you may feel the need of safety. But don’t worry! Kibris has a very low crime rate and it is one of the safest places in the world. Other than that, your luxury villa will offer you privacy, safety, elegance, cosiness, big space, great lightnings, lovely garden, latest technology, poolside pleasure and whatever else you want to have in your home.

Find villas for sale in Cyprus right now and like royalty on your dream vacation!

Cheap villas for sale in Cyprus

Living your dream might be more affordable than you think! If you are one of those who think it’s better to spend your money on sightseeing than spending all your money to buy a property for sale in Cyprus, you couldn’t be more right! Having fun, relaxing, finding a nice place to make a home doesn’t have to cost that much. Making memories, having a nice time with your family and your friends is more important than having a bigger and a greater house. Keeping somemoney for yourself and still have a beautiful house with a great view is an option now!

Property for sale in Cyprus

No need to waste your money fort he things you don’t really need. You can have a nice kitchen to have your meals, have a nice living room to spend some quality time with your loved ones, have a beautiful bedroom with an amazing view and maybe a small garden where you can color with a variety of flowers. Maybe even a little balcony where you can have some tea time with a sunset and sea view. Check out villas for sale in Cyprus with EMR Properties and have your perfect dream house!