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Villas for sale in Konyaalti

Villas for sale in Konyaalti are the most preferred properties in Antalya. Konyaalti beach and Lara beach areas are the most popular areas of Antalya for a holiday destination. Konyaalti Beach is located at the end of the Antalya city, and it is covered with small pebbles.

Most of the tenant portfolio consists of wealthy and rich people, choosing the luxurious villas. Antalya region is located in the Mediterranean area, providing a warm climate. 300 days of a year is sunny in Antalya.

Villas for sale in Konyaalti are more popular among the investors, foreign tourists, and the local people of Turkey. Different from other areas of Antalya, Konyaalti beach water is cooler because of an underground creek flowing to the sea. The villas come with usually amazing sea views.

Konyaalti Villas for sale cost about 100.000 euros to 400.000 euros, which depends on how luxury the villa is or room number of the villa. As providing more privacy by private swimming pools, gardens, security, sunny rooms, and other facilities, villas are preferred more than apartments in Konyaalti, Antalya. Especially, properties near the coastline are more expensive. Since villas provide privacy, one of the most important factors when choosing a villa is the presence of a private swimming pool.

Where to Buy Villa in Konyaalti?

After Lara Beach, which is the most popular beach in Antalya, Konyaalti is the second most popular beach. Antalya is the tourism capital of Turkey and the Konyaalti region is a part of this popularity. Having cooler water compared to other beaches is one of the popular reasons. Antalya government invested millions to upgrade the infrastructure and social facilities, such as parks, gardens, walking trails in Konyaalti. As Antalya is evolving to even a greater city, it is one of the best holiday destinations.

Buy Villa in Konyaalti

Villas for sale in Konyaalti are quite popular compared to apartments for several reasons. Villas provide more privacy, security, ample space compared to apartments. A private swimming pool, playgrounds, private gardens, saunas, fitness clubs, parking areas, and such facilities are included in the advantages of villas. There are many apartments very close to the beaches, yet hundreds of residents choose villas with private pools, which is the major reason for the popularity of the villas. The villa prices change about 100.000 euros to 400.000 euros and the features of the villas determine the value. Firstly, the size of the villa determines the price of the villa. As the room number increases, the price also increases. Also, the private pool is an important factor when it comes to villas. Another feature is the location of the villa to central areas. More central areas are higher in price.

Buyin villa in Konyaalti is a profitable investment as the Antalya region is sunny 300 days of the year. Meaning that it is always possible to find residents for your property, hence, provide a steady income. As Konyaalti has a warm climate, it is always demanded greatly. Renting your property can bring about 8% of annual income and they are expected to get higher every other year as Belek gains popularity. Konyaalti also surrounded behind by the Taurus Mountains, providing beautiful mountain views. Sea and mountain views are preferred most.

Antalya housing many activities, other than providing peace and relaxation throughout the holiday. Especially, Antalya, Belek area is famous for golf. Also, activities such as horse riding, white water rafting, scuba diving, water sports, and jeep safaris are included. You can do banana boat riding for an adventure, and enjoy the marine animal park and a water-slide park.

Luxury Villas for sale in Konyaalti

If you have a high budget, you can look for luxurious villas for sale in Konyaalti. What makes a villa luxurious depends on some properties. The closeness of the villa to the beach or the central areas is one of the most important factors. These factors higher the prices and make your property more popular. Also, the presence of a private pool is quite important. Many of the residents are choosing villas instead of apartments because of the private pool chance. Especially for the families, villas are a great option since children love pools. Lastly, the room number and how new is the villa determines the luxury and the price of the villas. Furnished villas are also more advantageous while renting it to tourists or local people.

Villas for sale in Konyaalti

Villas for sale in Konyaalti prices are in an interval of 100.000 euros to 400.000 euros approximately. Luxury villas usually cost about 300.000 euros to 400.000 euros. Foreign and local investors interested mostly in luxury villas in Belek. Antalya government is developing the city and Antalya gains popularity. For the last five years, the real estate in Antalya gained a value of about 100%. Showing that having a property in Belek is a profitable investment. Renting your property when not used, can bring about 8% of annual income, and the rents are expected to get higher every other year as Belek gains popularity. Foreign tourists and local people of Turkey come to Belek every summer, with an increasing number each year after.

Cheap Villas for sale in Konyaalti

Villas for sale in Konyaalti has many options in terms of both expensive and cheap options. The cheaper ones change between 100.000 euros to 200.000 euros approximately. More affordable villas might not have a private pool, or might be smaller in a square meter, or might be far from the beaches and the central areas. Make sure to decide which factors are important for you. Mostly, the villas are preferred because of private swimming pools.

Property for sale in Konyaalti  

Property for sale in Konyaalti is highly preferred among the foreign and Turkish buyers. Belek is an amazing place to have a holiday home and to relax. There are many residents from the UK, Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Germany making Antalya a welcoming community for new foreign tourists. Antalya is the most popular tourism capital city with blue flag beaches, historical places, canyons, rivers, and lakes. All in all, having a property in Belek is both a great, profitable investment and an amazing location to have a holiday.