When to Invest in Turkish Real Estate

You might be wondering to yourself: when is the best time to invest in Turkey real estate? The answer is NOW. While to the locals of Turkey, the real estate market is incredibly unattractive considering how far down house prices are plunging and how the currency value is taking a nosedive as well.

However, to foreigners, Turkey has never looked more attractive and if you’re looking to purchase a house for the summer, your retirement, or are looking to make a permanent move, there is no better time to move to Turkey.

The reason for this is inflation. While some places like Istanbul saw house prices raise by 6.3%, the reality of it when the prices were adjusted according to inflation, the house prices actually took a severe nosedive by 12.6% instead. Ankara and Izmir, two other popular destinations saw their inflation-adjusted prices drop by 10.5% and 7.6% respectively.

Worried about citizenship? Not to worry, Turkey has you covered. You see, foriegn homebuyers are rewarded for their kindness to Turkish citizens, meaning that if your home country where you currently hold citizenship allows Turkish citizens to own property, then you’re allowed to in Turkey as well.

So what are you waiting for? There are so many places in Turkey for you to live and explore. If you’re especially interested in the Alanya area, contact EMR. We’ll find you your perfect place to call home.

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